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How to get involved on the day

There are different ways you can get on board to show your support, depending on where you’re based.

What is the Rail Industry Memorial Day

On Thursday 23 March 2023, three years after the first national lockdown, the rail industry will come together to acknowledge the contribution of colleagues in the rail industry who kept people and goods moving during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The day will be a chance to recognise the impact, personal sacrifice and sad loss within the rail industry. But also to celebrate our people and their valuable contribution to society and Britain’s economy.

Why you should support the day?

Liam Johnston, Railway Mission, said:

“We are here to commemorate the service our industry has provided to Great Britain since the start of the pandemic, and to look forward with a sense of unity in the face of shared adversity.”

Click on the image above to get some ideas from your colleagues, and feel inspired to take part.

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