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How to get involved on the day

"The rail community in Crewe are going to come together to watch the live streaming of the service, reflect on the things that happened during Covid and remember our colleagues and the sacrifices that were made.” Claire Houghton, CEO Railway Benefit Fund 

“All members will be invited to join us at RIA’s Hub Theatre in Central London to watch a livestream of the memorial service in York. This will be an opportunity for colleagues to come together to pay tribute to those we have tragically lost.” Gaynor Pates, Operations Director. Railway Industry Association 

“In the station in …we’ve booked a local Chaplin to give a reading and longer moment of reflection. We’re planning a short ceremony for 10 minutes. We will put images on screens and an announcement on the tannoy to make sure the public are aware. We’ve also invited some colleagues who played an integral role during Covid to say a few words too.” By …Managed Station.

If you’re working form home, you can watch the live stream of the national ceremony at 11:30 < LIVEVIEW >

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