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West Midlands

Railway Chaplains

Andrew Hall - West Midlands, Area Manager North (C + D Div)

Tel: 07718 971911

E-mail: Andrew.hall@railwaymission.org

BTP Stations covered:- Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Area HQ (BHM - Midlands), National HR/Admin and National (outside London) Operations – Birmingham, Control and FCC, SPMH C-div. CT units based at BHM, Centro House - Safer Travel team

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Andrea Smyth - London North Euston & Eurostar – St Pancras

Tel: 07708 911021

E-mail: andrea.smyth@railwaymission.org

BTP Stations covered:- Wembley Park, Finsbury Park, Luton, Spring House, Highbury and Islington, Milton Keynes, Camden Road, Penton Street [medics], Blundell Street 

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Steve Rowe London North and Area Manager South (B Div)

Tel: 07967 637685

E-mail: Stephen.rowe@railwaymission.org

BTP Stations covered:- Euston, MICC/FHQ/SOCO, Central London BTP Station

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Colin Fraser - Rugby for West Midlands

Tel: 07938 377362

E-mail: colin.fraser@railwaymission.org 

BTP Stations Covered:- Rugby (also East Midlands; Derby and East Midlands, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Lincoln, Grimsby, St Pancras, Peterborough)

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Alternative contact

Liam Johnston

Executive Director

Call: 0771 897 1918

E-mail: Support at Railway Mission