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Have you ever wondered, “How can I know if God is really there?”

The Final Station

Steam Train on the Great Central Railway

Tucked away in our subconscious is an image - we're on a journey, travelling by train. Hauling its precious carriages behind it the locomotive pounds through the countryside heading for the station, the final destination.

For some, the journey is as a first-class passenger. For others, it's standard class, but for most we're staff, working the whole route. Not for us the tranquil view of rolling hills or fields of corn, city skylines or babbling brooks. The journey of life can, for us, be hard. But we know that one day we will reach the station. We might say to ourselves, 'when I reach the station that will be it, my work is done, I can relax and let others take the strain'. The station fixed in our imagination is a distant hope of what might be, 'when the last of my children have left for college: When I get that promotion: 'When I win the lottery': 'when, when - always when. Soon we come to realise that the station is a dream. If it does exist it will not be our stop. We are driven on in our journey, always working and never resting. Searching for a sign that says we’ve arrived, but all we find is that the journey continues. Although what truly holds us to that journey is not the hope of what might be but the fear of what will be and the regret of what has been. Fear and regret, fear and regret, they are the forces that keep us fixed on our journey, the twin thieves that rob us of tomorrow, and crush our today have found that the journey is not the journey of life, but the journey that can lead to life or lead to death.

You see, at some point, that train will divide. The front section will enter the station, not the station of our imagination but the real station of God's presence. The rest of the carriages will be shunted into the sidings and left, forgotten and decaying. Which part of the train will you finish your journey on? Are you prepared to journey into Life, or will you allow fear and regret to rob you until the very end of time?

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