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Find out about your Railway chaplains

We are committed to providing the highest quality service and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are supported when you need it.

Knowing a bit about who we are and what motivates us to support the railway staff as professional chaplains can help you appreciate and respect our work. It can also help you understand how they can be a source of comfort, hope, and guidance for those who need it. They can be contacted by phone or email, or through our 'Find a Chaplain' page of this website. We use British Transport Police stations as a reference point for their locations and are always ready to offer a friendly and supportive presence to anyone who works on or travels by the railways.

Over the coming months, we will spotlight our team members in this blog. Come back and visit this page to read about our team as we highlight each of them.

Colin Fraser

Colin’s area of responsibility covers the East Midlands region - Barnsley to Wellingborough, St Pancras (London) and Rugby (home station). "I was introduced to railway chaplaincy while working with a prison chaplaincy team in my local area.

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Andrea Smyth

Andrea's area of responsibility covers North London, including various Tube lines and all London Overground, as well as lines stretching out towards Oxford, Banbury, Northampton, Bedford and the important task of supporting Eurostar staff.

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Dereck Grant

Dereck covers three out of the four biggest cities in Scotland (Aberdeen, Dundee, and Edinburgh). At the same time, he covers smaller towns and cities like Perth and down as far as Tweedbank and Dunbar.

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Christopher Henley

Christopher’s area of responsibility covers South Western and Wessex.

Christopher says "When someone says, Thank you, you made a difference, it was good that you were here'. It excites me to meet so many different people working in so many areas of this vast industry

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Alan Thorpe

Alan's area of responsibility is Bristol centred on Temple Meads Station. He is also the longest serving chaplain working foer the Railway Mission.

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Mike Roberts 

Mike's area of responsibility covers the North West of England region - Preston to Manchester up to Carlise. Mike says "My challenge is always to work out how to work out how to use your time"

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Angela Levitt-Harwood

Angela's area of responsibility covers the Northeast, including York and Leeds. Angela says "

Being there for people at some of the toughest times of their lives is a great privilege and one that I never take lightly."

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Andrew Hall

Andrew’s main area of operation as a Railway Mission chaplain is the West Midlands; but he is also one of the Area Managers for Railway Mission, looking after all the chaplains between Cardiff and Aberdeen.

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