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'Support on life's journey'

Railway Mission is a Christian charity set up in 1881 to help support and maintain the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of railway people.

Supporting people of all faiths and none, our chaplains work on the railway network and there to support everyone who works for the railway and connected companies, their families and members of the public affected by railway operations. Regardless of faith, lifestyle, sexuality, position in a company, retired or serving staff, chaplains.

As an interdenominational Christian organisation, we are committed to the message of peace, love, compassion, truth, understanding, and reconciliation between God and Man as taught by Jesus and recorded in the New Testament.

While we are happy to share our faith and belief with anyone who is curious about what it is we believe, we do not believe our faith should be imposed on those who do not share our beliefs.

Messages of Hope

The following short messages are intended to encourage people to explore the possibility of having a relationship with God and are free to be shared, but please do reference Railway Mission if you do use them.

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