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Preparing for Remembrance

Each year the railway comes together to remember the sacrifice and loss experience during times of conflict. This year there will be events across the network albeit with some caution due to the continuing COVID-19 Pandemic.

Below we have a list of services that are being planned. But some are still to be confirmed while others that have been arranged in previous years will probably not be arranged this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

Remembrance services are not intended to glorify war, trivialise sacrifice and loss experienced, but to both facilitate a corporate act of remembrance and to bring a connection between church and industry that can stimulate conversation and understanding. Chaplains are working to build on the success of the past and to enhance the chaplaincy and the relationship
between stations and local churches. 

Remembrance 2021


  • Dover Station - Monday 8th November 10.00am - Dylis George
  • Hoxton Station – Tuesday 9th November 10.45am - Andrea Smyth
  • Cardiff Central – TBA - Helen Lewis
  • Manchester Piccadilly – TBA - Phil Brawn
  • Manchester Victoria – TBA - Phil Brawn
  • Liverpool James St. - TBA - Mike Roberts
  • London St Pancras  - Thursday 11th November 10.50am - John Robinson
  • London Euston Memorial - Thursday 11th November 10.45am - Stephen Rowe
  • Edinburgh Waverley - Thursday 11th November 10.40am - Graham Whitehead
  • Ayr Station - Thursday 11th November 10.40am - John Carrick
  • Leamington Spa Station – Thursday 11th November 14.00 - Andrew hall
  • Birmingham Moor St. Thursday November 11th  10.50am - Andrew Hall
  • Nottingham Station - Thursday 11th November 10.45am - Ralph Coleman
  • Derby Station - Thursday 11th November 10.45am - Colin Fraser
  • London Marylebone Station - Thursday 11th November 10.45am - Andrea Smyth
  • Liverpool Street Station - Thursday 11th November 10.00am - Michele Ashton
  • London Paddington Station - Thursday 11th November 10.45am - John Roe
  • Bristol Temple Meads - Thursday 11th November 10.50am - Alan Thorpe
  • York Station - Thursday 11th November 10.50am - Helen Bartlett
  • Kings Cross Station - Thursday 11th November 10.50am - Dylis George
  • Birmingham New St. Friday November 12th 10.50am - Andrew Hall
  • Kidderminster (SVR) - Sunday 14th November 10.50am - Andrew hall