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Railway Mission Chaplain for Northeast England

  • 22.5 hours per week

Founded in 1881, the Railway Mission has a distinctive Christian ethos*, working within a secular rail environment, sharing the gospel sensitively and in an appropriate manner, by word and deed. RM provides professional, independent, impartial, confidential pastoral care and support, that supplements the chain of care provided by the rail industry.

Meeting People... The Railway Mission is not connected to any particular Church and in today’s modern multi-cultural society, approaches each with sensitivity and care. Experienced Chaplains are strategically located throughout the railway industry. The Mission’s founding objective was 'the moral and spiritual advancement of railway employees of all ages. That objective is still the driving force of the Mission as it seeks to provide independent, impartial, confidential short-term pastoral care and support to any rail industry employee, whether active or retired, at home, hospital or workplace and those members of the public affected by railway operations.

Meeting Needs...  Each of our regionally-based chaplains aims to be an impartial ‘friend’ to those who work on the railways. Regardless of faith, gender, or sexual orientation, our chaplains offer face-to-face year around support, especially during an individual’s time of loneliness, stress, depression, bereavement or illness.

Railway chaplains are primary support to those affected by fatal incidents on the railway. each year there are around 350 – 400 people are killed on the UK railway network through suicide, accident or natural causes. Chaplains have also supported railway staff and police in the aftermath of major incidents, such as train crashes or terror attacks.

Many are experiencing family breakdown, mental ill-health, bereavement, financial difficulties, being victims of crime and much more. Rail staff approach our chaplains for support through these difficult times as a friend and colleague, rather than phone a stranger to receive counselling support to talk through personal difficulties.

The work of the chaplains compliments that of the welfare services offered by employers. Together we seek to ensure that all employees receive the pastoral care that they need.  The Mission’s chaplains are called to emergencies and can be relied upon to give careful meaningful help.

What we do

  • Provide a post-incident support system for all responders and rail staff potentially affected by railway operations; including referrals from the Coroner's Liaison Office.
  • Engage in face-to-face interaction with rail staff at all levels from directors to trainees, across specified geographical areas, through extensive visitation and travel, to establish a relational basis for support within the industry. This will include visiting workplaces in the industry such as offices, stations and other installations and sites, homes, hospitals and residential/nursing home visits.
  • Respond to opportunities to present and promote the support work of RM within the rail industry.
  • Work according to set guidelines under the direction of the Executive Director through line managers, with the ability to organise the work using own initiative, with the absolute requirement of providing timely, accurate reports and timesheets, updated daily, to provide statistical information to rail industry stakeholders.
  • The role demands a degree of flexibility within a set number of hours with work patterns that will be monitored. This requires availability in the event of a major incident, responding to the direction of the Executive Director or designated person.
  • Encourage Christian groups and individuals within the rail industry, building on opportunities to enhance Christian influence within the industry. Speaking at groups and churches about the support work of RM.

The post has a Genuine Occupational Requirement for the post to be occupied by a practising Christian

*Ethos & Lifestyle

  • Chaplaincy is being recognised more and more for its value within the industrial sector as an effective support mechanism for all.
  • As a dedicated chaplaincy service specialising in the support of railway staff and those affected by railway-related incidents, our team of chaplains are there to support you and your staff; regardless of faith, background, lifestyle or position in a company, our chaplains are there for everyone.
  • From the part-time employee to the most senior director we provide a listening ear and shoulder to lean on in times of difficulty.

*Personal qualities for the post are:

    • Be willing and able to adapt to the changing requirements of both the railway Industry and the Railway Mission.
    • A high degree of personal and mental resilience
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality and impartiality as required
    • Inter-personal skills - sensitivity, awareness and understanding toward others
    • An ability to organise the work using their initiative (within the parameters of responsibility to the Executive Director and the Mission’s Trustee Board / Directors of the Railway Mission).
    • Flexibility to work as and when the work demands it, including evenings and weekends.
    • To display evidence of integrity, maturity and spirituality, as well as leadership qualities.
    • A clear demonstration of the calling of the Lord Jesus Christ to this work.
    • Keenness and urgency in soul-winning and evangelism
    • Ability to work on non-denominational lines with Churches and other groups
    • Commitment to set up Network Prayer Groups as opportunities arise



    • Life insurance
    • Flexible working hours

    Contact details:

    For a confidential conversation about this post, please contact Liam Johnston, Executive Director on 07718 971918

    To apply, please complete the application form (which you can download below) and send it by email to liam.johnston@railwaymission.org or by post to:- Railway Mission, Rugby Railway Station, Rugby CV21 3LA.